SITREP is a military acronym that stands for, Situation report. A sitrep can be defined as; a short concise statement identifying a unit’s current location and tactical situation.

SITREPS highlight the activities of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta companies as well as, Recon, Aero scouts, HHC, LRRP team's, Oregon, Idaho Nevada plus various SRRP teams.

Editors note: If you served in the 4/3 in 1970 and you got hot steel in your body there is a 99.99% chance your name will be on these pages. If you were snake bit, FUO, Dysentery, Malaria, heat exhaustion, twisted ankle or broke back from a runaway Blivit there is a 98% chance your name will appear. It is a good sign when your name does not appear at all. Charlie blew us up in 68, he mortared us in 69 and this year is payback baby. The Mech Amb dominates the 4th Battalion war in 1970. There are periods where we have nightly success at upping the body count. On the down side a Mech Amb does not care what it blows up. Often women and children set the ambush off. During the year 4th Battalion Mech Amb's bagged: a cat, a rat, a bird, lots of birds, two black bears, a tiger, a leopard, a water Buffalo, a couple of monkeys, some wild pigs, some drops of rain and a whole bunch of wind.. There were several accidental detonations of Mech Amb by US personal. A bummer downside.

January SITREP's come from 185 pages of staff journals

1 Jan. 70 0001H Journal opened: unit locations; Co. A, BS605403, Co. B, BS703403, Co. C, LZSJ, Co. D, BS645366, Recon, BS649379, SRRP's 1,2,3,and 4 on LZSJ. 1 Jan. 70 1525H Warlord lead reports receiving heavy automatic small arms fire at BS712320. 1 NVA/VC KIA. Infantry not put on ground. 1 Jan. 70 1601H Message from Battalion. BATO has 1 platoon friendlies in contact over large area vic. BS6228. Estimate between 1 and 2 companies of enemy forces. Platoon is trying to break contact. 100 + enemy observed by friendlies. Gunships have depleted ordinance and fuel and have broken contact to refit and refuel. 1 Jan 70 1955H Received Battalion strength report; Co. A = 5/84, Co. B = 5/95, Co. C = 4/112, Co. D = 5/88, Recon = 1/33 2 Jan. 70 0720H Co. D request DUSTOFF for 4 US w/frag wounds result of grenade explosion in trash at BS645366. PFC Robert J Fenner PFC Ted R Miller PFC Doug B Wheeler PFC Silas S. Haynes 2 Jan. 70 1300H Company B is OPCON 4/21 Inf.(Gimlets)

A battle will start at 2230 hours 2 Jan. 70 that will become known as, "the battle of hill 285", see casualties: 3 Jan. 70 0001H Co. A, BS605395, Co. B, OPCON 4/21, Co. C, LZ SJ and Duc Pho, Co. D, LZSJ 3 Jan. 70 0810H Co. B OPCON 4/21 on hill 285 vic. BS821286 came under heavy ground and mortar attack at 2230 hours 2 Jan. 70. Contact continued until 0520H 3 Jan. 70. 6 US KHA 10 US WHA 1 US KHA and 1 US WHA were medics from HHC 3 Jan. 70 1345H Company B reports contact results; 29 NVA KIA confirmed. Recovered 10 AK-50's, 1 9mm pistol, 1 M-16, 1 RPG-2, and 70 to 75 chi com grenades. See staff journals: Page one Page two 3 Jan. 70 2030H Received relayed report from 4/21 inf. thru Co. B 4/3 inf. location FSB 285. One Battalion VC located about 2 clicks away. 4 Jan 70 1930H Companies A, B and C are OPCON 4/21 6 Jan 70 0805H At 0350 BATO came under mortar attack by 1 company VC/NVA 6 Jan. 70 1325H LRRP team Idaho reports 8 NVA closing in on their location, BS681346. Believe more in area request extraction ASAP. 6 Jan. 70 1338H Co. B CO, Capt. Kirk, will leave unit for Chu Lai this afternoon. 6 Jan. 70 1345H LRRP team Idaho extracted. 7 Jan 70 0001H Companies A, B and C OPCON 4/21. Company D LZSJ. All SRRP's vic. LZSJ. 8 Jan 70 2359H A, B and C OPCON 4/21. Co. D LZSJ 9 Jan. 70 1845H Message fron Maj. Blevins: Make sure all LZ's are properly policed. Poor police is damaging too many helicopters. 10 Jan. 70 0001H Companies A, B and C OPCON 4/21. Co. D LZSJ.

10 Jan. 70 2359H Companies A, B and C OPCON 4/21. Co. D LZSJ 12 Jan 70 1130H Co. A reports 10 to 15 US have stomach cramps. Also Sgt Larry J Griffin----------suspected hernia Sgt. Edward B Stewart-----foot infection 13 Jan. 70 0900H Scheduled CS drops must have protective masks for ground personnel. 14 Jan. 70 0001H Co. A is on LZ Bronco, Co. B is on LZ Debbie, Company C is at BS713398, Co. D LZSJ. 15 Jan. 70 1905H Strength report: A = 4/78, B = 5/71, C = 5/95, D = 6/96. 16 Jan. 70 0720H LRRP Nevada inserted 16 Jan. 70 1855H Sensor activation, 2 persons moving. Engaged with 4.2, 10 rounds HE. 17 Jan. 70 0001H Co. A LZSJ, Co. B BS684354, Co. C BS708365, Co. D BS692394 18 Jan. 70 1345H At 1300 Company C request DUSTOFF for 3 US result Booby-trap at BS711345. SEE JOURNAL 2d LT. Larry Collett PFC Rand Wilson ? ? ? ? 18 Jan. 70 1610H In response to questions from Brigade the individuals from company C wounded by a booby trap were not wearing flak jackets. They were wearing steel pots and traveling about 15 meters apart. Trap was detonated by pressure and the crater was about 12" in Dia. and 4' deep. 18 Jan. 70 1907H LRRP team Nevada in contact. 18 Jan. 70 1909H LRRP team Nevada requests DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA and extraction of team ASAP. SEE JOURNAL 18 Jan. 70 1910H DUSTOFF/extraction ETA 20 Min. 18 Jan. 70 1940H LRRP request Shark 9 extract. 18 Jan. 70 1950H

Shark 9 reports picking up 3 persons, 1 wounded, en route Duc Pho. 18 Jan. 70 1957H Extraction completed by DUSTOFF ship. LRRP NDP cleared for arty. 19 Jan. 70 0515H Co. A request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by M-79 round exploding in burn pile. 2 US frag wounds, 1 US severe burns. Juan Mitchel Van Turner 19 Jan. 70 0839H Co. D reports 1 US wounded during combat assault by frags from a 40mm round fired by gunships. John Dick 19 Jan. 70 1715H LRRP team Idaho in contact, request extraction. 19 Jan. 70 1746H LRRP team Idaho extraction complete. 1 VC KIA, AK-47, pack. 19 Jan 70 2359H Strength report: A = 4/82, B = 5/75, C = 4/97, D = 3/46, Recon = 1/34 20 Jan. 70 0001H Co. A at LZSJ, Co. B at BS688327, Co. C at BS897344, Co. D at BS729328, Recon at LZSJ. 20 Jan. 70 1600H Sensor reading of ferrous metal, 5 persons. Engaged with 10 rounds of 4.2, results unknown. 21 Jan. 70 1000H Company D request DUSTOFF for 2 US result booby trap at BS735339. 2d LT. Robert E. Conners SP4 Leo Chadwell SEE JOURNAL 22 Jan. 70 1830H On way to chow a US fell and injured head. Dolphan 29 will conduct medivac. PFC. John Anthony 24 Jan 70 INTEL Lots of intel reports of enemy activities. 25 Jan. 70 1827H LRRP team Oregon in contact request immediate extraction. 25 Jan. 70 1905H Extraction of LRRP team Oregon complete. 28 Jan. 70 0001H Co. A at BS564432, Co. B at BS643418, Co. C at LZSJ, Co. D at BS723363. 30 Jan 70 1713H

Spot report: 3d platoon of company B engaged 1 VC with small arms fire. Result 1 VC WHA/CIA DUSTEDOFF. 30 Jan. 70 1713H DUSTOFF complete for 3 persons from Company A result of sniper fire. E-5 Michael L. Livesay---------------shot in hip David Collins-------------------------shot in leg Hidrickson----------------------------shot in leg SEE JOURNAL editors observations: Daily intel reports of Battalion, company and platoon sized enemy elements active throughout AO. 4/3 is dealing with a bad batch of grenades that let the blasting cap go off as soon as you release the spoon, the grenade does not go off, just the blasting cap.