SITREP-69. SITREP is a military acronym that stands for, Situation report. A sitrep can be defined as; A short concise statement identifying a units current location and tactical situation. The sitrep’s contained in this paper are derived from S/2-S/3 daily staff journals for the 4/3 11th LIB, Americal Div. 1969. Sitrep’s highlight the activities of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta companies as well as, Recon, Aero scouts, HHC and C&C. Read on and you will find crisis, conundrum and comedy.

If 1968 was the year of the Booby trap, the Battalion hit more than 70, then 1969 is the year of the mortar attack. One mortar attack produced 11 dead and 11 wounded. On another occasion two mortar attacks in a 4 hour period produced 36 casualties.


01 Jan. 69 1805H

Co. B reports Osness, Victor put his M-16 in his mouth and pulled the trigger resulting in his death.

02 Jan. 69 1200H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS847308 for 1 US WHA result of blowback from a M-79 round.

Pfc. Lynn L Glen.

02 Jan. 69 1910H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS817401 for 1 US w/gunshot wound.

Michael Koyak.

02 Jan. 69 2010H

Battalion strength report: Co. A-101, Co. B-110, Co. C-99, Co. D-96, Co. E-67, profiles-3.

07 Jan. 69 1115H

Co. A 2nd platoon had 1 US bitten by dog.

Sp4. Michael Hill.

07 Jan 69 1530H

Commo person N. of LZ Thunder said children have 15- 81mm rounds.

08 Jan. 69 1120H

Co. C short range recon patrol,(SRRP), engaged 5 VC result 1 US KHA, 1 US WHA, 1 PRC-25 destroyed.

James Wolter-KHA.

10 Jan. 69 1230H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS775380 for 1 US WHA by Booby trapped M-26 grenade.

Carlos Otero.

10 Jan. 69 1420H

Co. C reports 2 VC KIA result of short, sharp firefight.

10 Jan. 69 Summary

4/3 elements continue mission in the southern DUC PHO AO.

12 Jan. 69 1625H

4/3 relieved of responsibility of Southern DUC PHO AO by 1/20 Inf. 4/3 under the OPCON of TF Cooksey for operation Russell Beach.

13 Jan. 69 1100H

Co. A received AW fire result 1 US KHA.

Dennis Minkus.

13 Jan. 69 2010H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US KHA.

Patrick Demarco.

14 Jan. 69 1220H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS728819 for 3 US WHA by Booby trap. Dog handler wounded seriously. 2 A Co. em wounded.

Walter Lane

Francis Smyezynsiki

15 Jan. 69 0620H

Co. A reported 30-40 VC evading at BS727803.

15 Jan. 69 1045H

Recon platoon airlift to FSB South, BS727812. Same location as Co. A position.

15 Jan. 69 1440H

LOH ship went down between cordon and LZ Dottie. 1st platoon from Co. B is on stand-by.

15 Jan. 69 1515H

Co. D reports receiving 2 additional APC’s from H troop of the 17th Cav. Attached persons now total 37.

15 Jan. 69 1945H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS728811 for 3 US WHA result of AW fire.

Willie J. Allen

Ulysess Norman

Steven Galluzzo

16 Jan 69 Summary

4/3 continues OPCON TF Cooksey and operation Russell Beach.

18 Jan. 69 1700H

FSB South received mortar rounds resulting in 2 US WHA from Co. B 4/3, 5 US WHA from 5/46 Inf.

Neil Kobi

Merle Leckaby

18 Jan. 69 1840H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US burnt hands on flare.

Jerome Kircher

18 Jan. 69 2005H

1 US wounded by frag from 5/46 Inf. Grenade.

Donald Fenton, evac at daylight.

19 Jan. 69 1900H

Battalion strength: Co. A-96, Co. B-97, Co. C-97, Co. D-97, Co. E-74

19 Jan. 69 Spot report

At BS734815, Co. A found bunkers made of brick or concrete w/six feet of dirt on top.

20 Jan. 69 1035H

Co. D has 439 detainees.

20 Jan. 69 1155H

Co. D has 836 detainees.

21 Jan. 69 1410H

Co. D report eng. Hit Booby trap w/1US WHA, 3 US KHA.





21 Jan. 69 1840H

Co. D hit Booby trap at BS748810

Leonard Cline-KHA

Terry Hardig-KHA

Wayne Spencer-WHA

21 Jan. 69 1940H

Co. D engaged unknown size enemy element result in 1 US WHA.

Stephen Karpinski.

21 Jan. 69 Summary

Result of days ops are 17 VC KIA, 4 US KHA, 4 US WHA.

22 Jan. 69 1705H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS748811. 5 US WHA, 1 US KHA result of two Bouncing Betty’s, one failed to explode.

Charles Sizemore-WHA

George Carlough-KHA

Michael McDonough-WHA

Other indivs. From eng.

23 Jan. 69 0001H

FSB South received 10-11 rounds of mortar fire resulting in 13 US WHA, 2 ARVN’s WHA.

Sp4. Anthony Wieckowicz- Co. E

Sp4. Daniel McGraw- Co. A

Sp4. Walter Robinson- Co. E

Sp4. Tomus M. Mihelich- Co. A

Sp4. Bradford Hall- Co. A

Cpl. Dennis Riley- Co. A

Pfc. Joseph Gersch- Co. D

Remaining people to be evacuated at daylight HHC persons:





23 Jan. 69 1000H

Battalion SITREP:

Companies A and B the same. Co. C SITREP Neg. Co. D w/APC’s 17th Cav. Recon BS745817

23 Jan. 69 Summary

Days results: 12 US WHA, 2 ARVN WHA, 1 US KHA, 2 US injured result non-hostile action, 6 VC KIA.

24 Jan. 69 1400H

Co. D received 5 assault boats.

Co. A in contact throughout the day. Day ops produced 8 VC KIA, 32 VCS taken to CHIC.

25 Jan. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were 3 VC KIA, 6 VC CIA, 8 VCS, 1 Chieu Hoi and 1 French sub-machine gun.

26 Jan. 69 1110H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US w/frag wounds from blowback of M-79.round. Recon

Pfc. Ronnie Pugh

26 Jan. 69 1520H

Co. A went OPCON 5/46 Inf. At 1400H

27 Jan. 69 0215H

Co. D reports 1 US from recon with frag wounds from grenede.

Averell Clark-will evac in morning

28 Jan. 69 2320H

Co. A has 1 US with snake bite.

Gary R. Lavoy

28 Jan. 69 Summary

Co. A remained OPCON 5/46

Co. C and D switched places with D going to FSB South.

29 Jan 69 0005H

Co. C reports receiving AW fire

29 Jan. 69 0010H

Co. C at BS758840 reports there position has received 15 mortar rounds followed by 10-15 VC armed with satchel charges, RPG’s, AK-47’s and a crew served weapon, possibly 51. cal. 1 APC was hit by RPG result 9 US WHA,1 US from eng., 1 em from Co. C, Christopher Olah. 6 VC KIA, 3 AK-47’s CIA

29 Jan. 69 1645H

Battalion strength:

Co. A-109+ 14 SRRP attached

Co. B-102+22 w/APC’s attached

Co. C-115+6 people w/dogs and 28 people w/APC’s attached

Co. D-97

Co. E-75

29 Jan. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were 8 VC KIA, 27 VCS detained, CIA; 3 AK-47’s, 2 30 cal MG’s, 1-60mm tube, 5- M1- carbines, 1 BAR, 1 Rocket launcher w/rocket.

30 Jan. 69 1805H

Recon request DUSTOFF at BS721818. Shrapnel in head and feet.

Manue M. Moralas.

31 Jan. 69 0910H

Co. B reports 1 US WHA by SA fire to foot.

31 Jan 69 0950H

Co. B receiving AW fire at BS272807. Gunships and Tac air have been called.

31 Jan. 69 0950H

Co. C at BS721820 receiving heavy AW fire. Gunships called.

31 Jan. 69 1100H

Companies B and C in contact.

31 Jan. 69 1300H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 5 US WHA by Booby trap.

James Cooper

Michael Findura

Donald Michaels

Thomas Hill

Wyrick- new person

Also 1 Co. B person name-Cady.

31 Jan. 69 1825H

Co. D 1 US shot self in foot. Evac by C&C

Branden Mahoney

31 Jan. 69 2055H

3 more Co. C wounded from 1300H incident.

William Siersema

James Benson

Carl Brocato

31 Jan 69 Summary

Result of the days ops:



4 VCS detained



1 US wounded by non-hostile action.


01 Feb. 69 1750H

Strength report:

Co. A-116

Co. B-103

Co. C-122

Co. D-100

Co. E-66

01 Feb. 69 Summary

results of the days ops were:1 NVA w/weapon KIA, 3 VC KIA, 1 VC CIA, 25 VCS detained, Misc. grenades and medical supplies.

04 Feb. 69 1555H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 2 US WHA by SA fire.

Robert Marietta

Thomas J. Gildow

04 Feb. 69 1945H

Received call fron LTC. Ambrose 198th s/3. We revert back to 4/3 control and move to LZ Buf 08 Feb. 69.

05 Feb. 69 1545H

Co. C reports all APC’s hooked out of mud.

06 Feb. 69 1310H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US wounded by own 45 cal. Pistol while searching tunnel. BS676844

Ronald L. Maruska

06 Feb. 69 1310H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US who dropped claymore blasting cap on foot.

Donald L Payne

06 Feb. 69 1505H

Co. C 1st platoon hailed 1 Sampan w/2 persons. Co. C received and returned fire. Later determined persons were ARVN.

07 Feb. 69 1630H

Battalion strength report:

Co. A-112

Co. B-106

Co. C-118

Co. D-100

Co. E-76

Attached APC persons are 57.

09 Feb. 69 0835H

Co A request DUSTOFF for 4 US WHA result of Booby trapped grenade FSB South.

Layman Ditsen

Carl Godsey

John a. Wiedman

David J. Evens

09 Feb. 69 1845H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS523822 for 1 US WHA by SA fire

Edwin Braun

10 Feb. 69 Summary

4/3 continues ops in the Buf AO with A and D companies conducting sweep and search ops. Co. C as quick reaction force at CHIC. Co. B secures Buf.

11 Feb. 69 0910H

Co. A request DUSTOFF fr 1 US WHA by SA fire at BS500832.

Rufus Roundtree.

11 Feb. 69 1220H

Report from Brigade: Regimental size element within 750 meters of BS509749.

11 Feb. 69 1500H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS486848 result Booby trap.

Marcaria Banda-KHA

Michael Hill-WHA

Victor Jaca Jaca-WHA

Gilbert Aguilar-WHA

Lawernce Williams-WHA

Willie Weatherly-WHA

David marino-WHA

Larry Hatchcock-WHA

13 Feb. 69 Spot report

At 0001H 4/3 became OPCON 198th Inf.

13 Feb. 69 Intelligence

1. Enemy situation: The local enemy forces have enjoyed relative freedom of movement except for infrequent friendly operations by ARVN and Americal elements, the most recient being Russell Beach (13 jan. 69 to 08 Feb. 69).

The area is VC dominated and their control was uncontested by GVN until operation Russell Beach. Everyone should be considered as either a VC or VC sympathizer and all men of military age (MAM) must be considered as members of VC forces in the area. The AO is the principle operating area of the 48th VC Light Force Battalion and has been their base camp area for the past 2 years. The Battalion has approx. 200 VC. The battalion is normally deployed by company.

D. Tactics: The enemy throughout the area can be expected to attack engaging small allied forces, bring sniper fire on helicopters and employ mines and surprise firing devices in great numbers to harass friendly units. When large allied units have gone into the VC AO, the VC and local Guerrillas have gone into hiding in tunnels and caves or mingle with local population. They do not oppose allied troops except by mining, ambushes, sniper fire and occasional mortars. Small patrols are subject to ambushes. If the enemy is surprised, experience has indicated that his initial confusion and disorientation can result in large numbers of KIA’s and POW’s. However , he will recover quickly and resort to his evasion tactics.

3. Conclusion:

C. S/2 comment; It is felt that if trapped the enemy would defend to the last man .

14 Feb. 69 Summary

4/3 continues to conduct sweep and search ops in the Buf AO.

Co. A and B vic. BS700800

Co. C at CHIC

Co. D securing Buf

Results of the days ops: 25 VC KIA, 7 VC WIA/CIA, 19 VC CIA, 26 VCS, 635 detainees, 1 US WHA.

15 Feb. 69 1715H

Strength report:

Co. A-99

Co. B-104

Co. C-125

Co. D-100

Co. E-78

16 Feb. 69 1015H

received top priority message from 198th Inf. , subject: Instructions for cessation of offensive operations. 1. Cessation will be in effect from 16 Feb. 69 at 1800H to 17 Feb. 69 at 1800H. General rules: US forces will not initiate any air/ground offensive.

16 Feb. 69 2010H

Message from 11th LIB: 4/3 be prepared for release from 198th OPCON to OPCON 11th LIB for deployment south of river vic. BS5274. 4/3 will leave 1 company at CHIC.

16 Feb. 69 2102H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US with blown eardrum.

Kenneth H. Walker

16 Feb. 69 2120H

Co. D sprung ambush with 4 claymores, had secondary explosions. Closed LZ Buf.

17 Feb. 69 Summary

4/3 Inf. Ceased operations until 1800H then resumed normal operations.

18 Feb. 69 1025H

C&C ship took 8-10 hits result 1 US WHA

Bruce Brittingham

18 Feb. 69 Spot report

Co. A relieve Co. C 20 Feb. 69. Assume responsibility security CHIC.

Co. D secure Buf.

Heavy mortar platoon on Buf

20 Feb. 69 1230H

Co. A moves to CHIC

Co. B moves to BS524821—vic lz buf

Co. C moves to BS525822—vic lz buf

Co. B closed LZ Buf

20 Feb. 69 2140H

Recon platoon received incoming grenade at BS525813. Result is 2 US WHA.

Samual Wadle

Harold Sullivan

20 Feb. 69 Summary

results of the days ops were:1 US WHA, 1 US KHA, 1 US non-hostile wound.

21 Feb. 69 1600H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS554795 for 1 US KHA, 2 US WHA from Booby trap.

Christopher Meagher

Ronnie Bailey

James Holyfield

21 Feb. 69 Summary

results of the days ops were: 3 VC KIA, 2 VC WIA/CIA, 1 VC CIA, 4 VCS apprehended, 2 US WHA, 1 US KHA.

22 Feb. 69 1110H

SRRP, Larry Davidson Dusted off w/frag wounds vic. Recon platoon.

22 Feb. 69 1450H

H Trp. 17th Cav at BS480785. Hit road mine result 6 US WHA. Us from Recon:

Charles Thomas

James Pope

Ervin Sharper

Joel Cultice

22 Feb. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were:6 VC KIA, 4 VCS, 6 VC CIA, 5 NVA KIA, 1 Chieu Hoi, 9 US WHA, 1 AK-47 CIA.

23 Feb. 69 0145H

LZ Buf received 6-8 rounds mortar fire resulting in 5 US WHA, 1 US MHA.

David Irwin

Duane Downing

Bruce Flaherty

Leroy Shatava

Michael Hess

23 Feb. 69 0309H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by grenade.

David Lutz

23 Feb. 69 0345H

Co. D reports finding missing US. Indiv. KHA, body Booby trapped.

Richard Ritzler

23 Feb. 69 Summary

results of the days ops: 6 US WHA, 1 US KHA, 2 VC KIA.

24 Feb. 69 1000H

SRRP request DUSTOFF at BS529848. Blowback from hand frag in tunnel.

Berry Spring

24 Feb 69 2035H

LZ Buf came under attack with Grenades and SA fire resulting in 7 US WHA, 1 US MHA.

Hermon Cortez


Edward Ruditys

Martin Naquin

When DUSTOFF arrived another attack resulted in 3 US WHA.

Capt. Charles Fields

Gerry Rogers

Coy R. Tinsley

Co. D MHA is Allen M. Royston

26 Feb. 69 0510H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 2 US with frag wounds from friendly grenade.

Claude Parker

David Klingberg

26 Feb 69 2000H

The command post of the PF and US advisors came under attack and asked for Co. A assistance. Co. A and 3 APC’s fought there way into the stressed command resulting in 2 US KHA, 1 US WHA.

Joseph F. Bauer-KHA

Lawrence Defelice-KHA

John Gilmen-WHA

27 Feb. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were 2 VC KIA.

28 Feb. 69 0915H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS556825 for 1 US WHA by SA fire.

Lawrence Grabowsky

28 Feb. 69 1345H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS510765 for 1 US WHA by AW fire.

Eugene Couturiaux Jr.

Co. C is now in contact with a platoon of NVA who are firing AW’s and RPG’s at the APC’s. Spotted numerous bunkers and concertina wire. Called air strike on target. Request DUSTOFF for 5 US WHA

Thomas Bedient

Ronald Easley

Joseph Condo

Richards Packard

Joe Snead

Pfc. Fernando Garcia-WHA

Pfc. George Harnish-WHA

Pfc. Daniel B. Webster-WHA

Pvt. George McDonald-WHA

Sgt. Austin Lawther-WHA

Pfc. Gary Vargason-WHA

Pfc. John Hamilton-WHA

1Lt. Richard Keithline-KHA

Pfc. Dennis Groff-KHA

Pfc. Carter Freud-KHA

Pfc. Wilber Hicks-KHA

Co. B air lifted into the battle area resulting in 6 US WHA, 4 US KHA.Co. B Casualties:

Steven Hall-WHA

Gerald Burg-WHA

Ralph Couch-WHA

William Tounsend-WHA

Loris Ladwig-WHA

Alan Grugnale-WHA

Charles Brown-KHA

Michael Whalen-KHA

Phillip Rosson-KHA

James Waight-KHA

Check out the Monumental Moments page for greater detail about this battle.

28 Feb. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were:

1 US WHA from Co. D.

11 US WHA, 1 US KHA, 3 US MHA from Co. C

6 US WHA, 4 US KHA from Co. B


01 Mar. 69 1050H

Co. C request routine DUSTOFF for 1 US with frag wounds in hand

Pfc. Roland C. Demers

01 Mar. 69 1140H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US gun shot to foot.

Pfc. Major Fowler

02 Mar. 69 1220H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS552852 for 4 US WHA by Booby trap.

Sgt. Richard Miller

Pfc. Gerald M. Hatley

Pfc. Dennis Vanduyn

SFC Ferguson

02 Mar. 69 2205H

LZ Buf request DUSTOFF for 7 US WHA, 1 US KHA result of mortar/rocket attack.

Major Walter Tully-KHA

LTC Jack Davis-WHA

Msg. Dale Vincent-WHA

Sp4. Tony Emerson-WHA

1Lt. Robert Callahan-WHA Co. E

Sp4. Richard Mehegan-WHA Co. E

Sp4. Derald ??

Capt. Charles Savely-WHA Chaplain

06 Mar. 69 1320H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA result of claymore detonation.

Timothy Taylor

Raymond Ethier

James Rustad

07 Mar. 69 0730H

TF SPARGO at line of departure with Co. B 4/3 Inf.

07 Mar. 69 1645H

Co. D reports 1 US WHA with frag wound in right arm.

Walter McDavitt

09 Mar. 69 1420H

At BS533860 the APC’s have 3 US WHA and 1 APC disabled by RPG fire.

09 Mar. 69 1630H

Recon request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA.

Sp4. Ronnie Pugh

09 Mar. 69 1745H

2 US KHA from Recon

Robin Miller

John Patrie

Also 2 US MHA

Arthur Lindsay

Coy Tinsley

09 Mar. 69 1755H

Co A has 1 US KHA

Ralph Meyers

09 Mar. 69 1820H

Recon requests DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA

Terry walter

John Spohn

Charles Cruell-Co. A line # 101

10 Mar. 69 1100H

recon reports it found US MHA from yesterdays action.

Pfc. Arthur Lindsay-KHA

11 Mar. 69 1400H

TF SPARGO reports 4 VC KIA, 1 VC WIA/CIA BS717788

12 Mar. 69 1145H

At BS595816 1 APC from H Trp. 17th Cav hit mine result in 2 US KHA, 3 US WHA and APC destroyed.

16 Mar. 69 0200H

Co. D received incoming grenade result 2 US WHA

Steven Kletzin

Bradley Swarthout

19 Mar. 69 0155H

CHIC reports being hit by 15-20 RPG and SA fire result 2 US WHA 1 US KHA from Co. B.

James Johnson

Neil Kobi

Lawrence Babb

19 Mar. 69 0200H

LZ Buf received 20-25 mortar rounds resulting in 6 US WHA, 1 US KHA.

John Page-HHC

William Utts-Co. E

Donald Antone-HHC

Ralph McConnoughay-Co. D

Steven Karpinski

19 Mar. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were: 2 US KHA, 8 US WHA, 11 VC KIA

20 Mar. 69 1030H

Co. D 3rd platoon stepped on a bouncing betty but it failed to detonate.

21 Mar. 69 1530H

Co A request DUSTOFF at BS561762 for 5 US WHA result AW fire.

Jack Barret

George R. Malone-Medic

21 Mar. 69 1740H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 2 US WHA, 1 US MHA.

Pfc. Eli Collier

Pfc. Timothy Walsh

Pfc. Charles Orlowski

21 Mar. 69 2005H

Late entry: During time Co. C was in contact they lost 2 M-60 MG’s and 1 PRC-25 radio.

22 Mar. 69 0930H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS546768 for 2 US WHA by SA fire.

Psg. Ramon Moreno

William Huff

24 Mar. 69 0150H

LZ Buf received 15 rounds of rockets result 3 US WHA, Co. D.William Burgeon

Tyrone Lewis

Roddie Perry

24 Mar. 69 2230H

LZ Buf receiving SA fire result 1 US WHA

Charles Sizemore

26 Mar. 69 1240H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS574746 for 2 US WHA by Booby trapped 105 round.

Pfc. Hurley Boyd-both legs blown off

Sp4. james Heneghan-frag wound

27 Mar. 69 1050H

Recon platoon received SA and AW fire at BS535772. result 1 US WHA.

Sp4. Frank Hewitt

27 Mar. 69 1400H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA result SA fire.

William Ridley

29 Mar. 69 Late Report

Found body of Roy Tinsley MHA sense March 9, 1969.


01 April 69 1445H

Co. B request DUSTOFF at BS487776 for 1 US WHA by sniper fire.

Sp4. Donald E. Fenlon

01 April 69 1745H

Strength report: Co. A-80, Co. B-73, Co. C-85, Co. D-84, Co. E-64

04 April 69 0710H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US Urgent. Suspect Pleurisy.

Sp4. Robert Keefe

04 April 69 1900H

Co. B request DUSTOFF at BS468775 for 1 US KHA by AW fire.

Gerald W. Cantrell

06 April 69 1050H

Recon platoon request DUSTOFF at BS548795 for 1 US WHA result of Booby trap.

David Jones

07 April 69 1250H

Co. D at BS444802 found numerous body parts; 2 or 3 fingers and some human feet.

09 April 69 Summary

4/3 Inf. Continues search and sweep ops in the Buf AO.

Co. A secures LZ Buf

Companies B,C, D and recon on patrol

11 April 69 Summary

OPORD-5-69, HQ 4/3 Inf. Mission:

4/3 Inf. Establishes FSB San Juan Hill beginning on 12 April 69 at 0630H. Prepares for combat operations vic. 515 Valley. Provides Liaison at District HQ in BA TO.

13 April 69 Summary

Co. A secures LZ Buf.

Co. C, search and sweep Buf vic.

Co. B and D San Juan Hill

4.2 San Juan Hill

17 April 69 1735H

Co. D request DUSTOFF from San Juan for 1 US WHA by mortar round.

Pfc. Michael English

18 April 69 0501H

Co. B and D OPCON 3/1 Inf. At this time

19 April 69 1730H

Co. E request DUSTOFF from SJH for 1 US injured when bunker collapsed.

Sp4. Raymond Lopez

20 April 69 Summary

HHC moves to San Juan Hill.

Co. A secures LZ Buf.

Co. B secures LZ San Juan Hill

Co. C secures LZ Bronco

Co. D running ops BS6535

21 April 69 Summary

Co. B secures San Juan Hill, Companies A, C and D conduct ops.

22 April 69 2115H

Recon reports 2 US WHA result enemy grenade. BS646369

Pfc. Theodore Tucker

Sp4. J. W. Pasis

25 April 69 0955H

DUSTOFF request from SJH for 1 US injured while burning human waste.

Sp4. William Jones

26 April 69 0845H

Co. A found NVA base camp including a 1,000 Lb. Bomb cleaned out and used as a latrine.

26 April 69 0945H

C&C ship DUSTED OFF 1 US with burns to eye.

Sp4. Robert Sistrunk

26 April 69 1820H

Strength report: Co. A-72, Co. B-114, Co. C-73, Co. D-82, Co E-50

27 April 69 0245H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US w/frag from mortar

Jerry Davis

27 April 69 1855H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US burnt by flare.

Sp4. William Gvoskrevtz

29 April 69 0800H

Co. D request DUSTOFF, routine, wound in neck

Sp4. Duane A. Stone

29 April 69 1204H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US injured in bunker collapse.

Sgt. Gerry Rogers

30 April 69 1054H

Co. B departs SJH for ops.

Co. C to CA to SJH for security

30 April 69 1150H

Co. D makes heavy contact at BS638450. Resule 4 US KHA, 4 US WHA.

Harold Tatem-KHA

Albert J. Davis-KHA

George Sidelko-KHA

Howard W. Erickson-KHA

Boyd Canter-WHA

Bruce L. Hansted-WHA

Salvatore Sinischi- WHA

Howard Sanders-WHA


01 May 69 1200H

Co. B becomes OPCON 1/52 Inf. 198th LIB at 1200H today.

04 May 69 1955H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US with snake bite. Urgent

Sp4. Peter Brown

04 May 69 0830H

Co. B Capt. Kenneth L. Veeder accidentally shot self with M-16

08 May 69 1710H

Battalion informed that Co. B will return OPCON 4/3 at 1200H 09 May 69.

10 may 69 1005H

Late entry: Request DUSTOFF for Co. A result of indirect fire, (possibly Navy), 2 US KHA, 2 US WHA.

Pfc. Charles Smith-KHA

Pfc. Ervin Williams-KHA

Sp4. Joseph Vann-WHA

Pfc. Earnest Robenson-WHA

11 May 69 1315H

Co. B had 1 US injured when bullet cooked off in fire which forced Co. B to abandon NDP and equipment .

Sp4. Danny Flannery

Left behind 1 PRC radio, 6 starlight scopes, 1 weapon. All items later recovered.

11 May 69 1750H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US with frag wound.

Pfc. Thomas Sawatzk

12 May 69 0445H

Recon reports contact at BS635447. Mortar, Small arms and AW fire resulted in 5 US KHA, 3 US WHA.

Sp4. Charles Thomas-KHA

Sp4. Sammuel Wable-KHA

Pfc. Michael J sturgill-KHA

Joseph A. Nursynski-KHA

Garcia Albelo

Sam Hill Jr.

Pfc. Mark O Brummer

12 May 69 1605H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for Larry Olsen who received frag wounds from blowback of M-79.

13 May 69 1115H

Co. A completed DUSTOFF of 2 US WHA by frags.

1Lt. Frank W. Meyers

Sp4. Richard Grantham

14 May 69 0645H

Co. A received SA fire result 1 US KHA.

Sp4. Henry Owens

15 may 69 1210H

Co. C engaged 15 VC at BS605435 result 1 US KHA.

Sp4. Jerry Thomas

16 May 69 1615H

Late entry: C&C evacuated 2 US WHA from Co. C with wounds from air strike close to there position.

Maurice Finlinson

Stephen Campanella

19 May 69 0915H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US injured when fire caused explosion.

Pfc. Michael English

19 May 69 1415H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for Sgt. J. Coopley who broke leg jumping off chopper during Combat assault.

26 May 69 1005H

Co. C reports NVA/VC on their organic net.

26 May 69 2040H

San Juan Hill reports mortar attack. Result 5 US WHA.

Sgt. Bowser-urgent

James Birchfield

Pfc. Mickey Norwood

Pfc. Trussell

Pfc. Paul Schnell

31 May 69 2320H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US who shot self in leg.

Sp4. Forrest Primm


01 June 69 1615H

Battalion strength: Co. A-88, Co. B-102,Co. C-71, Co. D-90, Co. E-55

02 June 69 1005H

Co. D reports finding a Bear trap at BS593420. Destroyed in place.

03 June 69 1050H

Co. D request priority DUSTOFF at BS590422 for 1 US WHA by Punji stick.

Sp4. Santiago Renteria

03 June 69 1635H

Co. D becomes OPCON 1/20 Inf. Mission is to CA into blocking position.

03 June 69 1705H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS745403 for 1 KHA, 3 WHA result of enemy contact.

Sp4. Roddie L. Perry-KHA

Sp4. Donald Gilbert-WHA

Pfc. Stephen W. Hunt-WHA

Pfc. John R. Chedisten-WHA

04 June 69 1105H

Battalion defoliation mission for today.

04 June 69 1700H

Battalion strength report: Co. A-89, Co. B-88, Co. C-77, Co. D-83, Co. E-58

04 June 69 2400H

LTC Albert J Smith assumed command of the 4/3 Inf.

05 June 69 0730H

Late entry: At 2150H Co. C, stone 69, Request DUSTOFF for 1 US with swelling stomach.

Pfc. Richard Jones

06 June 69 1120H

C&C ship dusted off 1 US with frag wounds.

Sp4. F Andrada

10 June 69 0700H

Battalion informed that LRRP teams Idaho and Oregon will be operating in our AO.

10 June 69 0900H

Co. B request DUSTOFF at BS776229

Sp4. Kent Charles D

10 June 69 2040H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US with self inflicted gun shot wound.

Sp4. Paul Welch

11 June 69 0130H

Co. E request DUSTOFF for 1 US w/frags from M-79 blowback.

Sp4. Vincent Magrone

12 June 69 0625H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by Booby trapped claymore. Urgent

Sp4. Alexander B. Brantly- DOW

12 June 69 0825H

Co. D reports 1 US injured by blowback from M-79.

Pfc. George Grago

13 June 69 0840H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS 805233 for 1 US KHA, 4 US WHA result contact with unknown size enemy unit. Co. A KIA 16 NVA.

Pfc. Nicholas Ahyo,

Sp4. Carl Nance

Sp4. hector Valdivia

15 June 69 1700H

Message from Capt. Simpson on LZ Don. 6/11 Arty was burning charges when ¾ ton truck caught fire resulting in Pfc. William Hanson dusted off with burns.

16 June 69 1510H

LZ Don received 10-12 rounds of mortar fire resulting in 1 US KHA, 8 US WHA. KHA was;

LTC Smith-Battalion Commander

17 June 69 0435H

SJH received 7-10 rounds result in 1 US WHA

John C. Deneham

17 June 69 2015H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US with self inflicted wound to the foot.

Pfc. Jerry Crawford

19 June 69 1313H

LTC Fernandez arrived SJH to assume command of 4/3.

19 June 69 1655H

Strength report: Co.A-100, Co. B-95, Co. C-67, Co. D-78, Co. E-73

23 June 69 2135H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US with snake bite,BS665437

Sp4. Terry Clapp

24 June 69 1000H

Defoliation mission at 0645.

28 June 69 0845H

At 0750H Co. B was ambushed at BS682448. Command detonated mine followed by SA fire result:

2Lt. Richard T. Sellers-KHA

Pfc. Michael Garwood

Sp4. Larry D. Smith

Sp4. Stanley Henson

28 June 69 2130H

Co. B has 1 US WHA by grenade.

Pfc. Thomas P. Mahoney

29 June 69 0607H

LRRP Team Nevada arrives 4/3 AO

30 June 69 1215H

Co. E 4.2 request DUSTOFF for 2 US WHA. Individuals encountered a hang round with the 4.2. When attempting to clear the round the charges ignited.

Joe D. Schroder

Barney Bonicave


01 July 69 1423H

Co. C makes contact result 2 VC KIA

01 July 69 1505H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US

Pfc. Robert Favreau

01 July 69 1530H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS654453. 1 US with gun shot wound to the face.

1Lt. Edgar Drake

02 July 69 1630H

Co. C reported 1 US wounded in yesterday’s contact.

Pfc. Thomas Richensin

Individual was gun shot in the right forearm. The Pfc. Said he did not report the wound because it was minor. The Pfc. Also noted that the Company was down to 72 pairs of boots on the ground and could not afford to lose any more people.

02 July 69 2355H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 2 US injured falling off rocks.

Albert J. Eurey

Pfc. Stuge

06 July 69 1830H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 2 US.

2Lt. John H. Vanloan-Centipede sting

Pfc. Juan Mitchell-temp of 105

10 July 69 0805H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US who cut self with machete.

Pfc. Richard Beiner

11 July 69 0525H

Three persons injured: ??

2Lt. William Johnson

Sp4. Albert M. Alvarado

Pfc. Michael J. Mills

11 July 69 1710H

Co. B request DUSTOFF on SJH, urgent. Possible broken back, Blivit broke loose and smashed his bunker.

12 July 69 1000H

E-5 Ocie Blalock slipped on rock and broke collarbone.

14 July 69 0830H

SMJ. Gray spotted body from air above San Juan Hill. Found Pfc. James Cole from Co. C. Indiv missing sense last night.

20 July 69 1115H

Recon platoon found a camouflaged tube 3 Ft. long with camouflaged parachute attached. Believe it is a sensing device.

24 July 69 0630H

Recon request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by grenade frag.

William F. Long

25 July 69 1520H

Co. A reports it tripped a Booby trapped 105 round. Booby trap fizzled and smoked but did not detonate.

26 July 69 0828H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US w/shrapnel in neck.

Michael T. Shields

28 July 69 1000H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by mortars.

Pfc. Jerry Brewer-WHA

Pfc. Andrew K. Foots-WHA

Pfc. Roy Bawn-KHA

29 July 69 1130H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA.

Pfc. William Cherry


01 Aug. 69 1810H

Strength report: Co. A-97, Co. B-92, Co. C-82, Co. D-97, Recon-20.

01 Aug. 69 Summary

4/3 continues search and sweep ops in the San Juan AO.

03 Aug. 69 Summary

Neg. significant events throughout the day.

06 Aug. 69 1430H

LRRP team Oregon request extraction due to injured person.

07 Aug. 69 1325H

Co. C found 18 graves with bodies 4-5 years old.

08 Aug 69 2103H

Co. C reports 2 US slightly wounded form grenade attack.

Sp4. Johnny H. Anglin

Sp4. James L. Liedel

09 Aug. 69 0645H

Co. D reports 3 NVA KIA.

09 Aug. 69 0700H

LRRP team Nevada reports movement on both sides. May request extraction.

09 Aug. 69 0845H

Co. D reports finding 3 blood trails, 1 packet of Marijuana, 2 chicom grenades.

09 Aug. 69 1320H

LRRP team Nevada was extracted at this time.

09 Aug. 69 1350H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by grenade.

Sp4. Chester Jones

11 Aug. 69 0940H

Late entry: Co. A 3rd platoon spotted 1 NVA/VC with shorts, no shirt, no weapon. Engaged with Artillary and 81mm mortar but he evaded to the west. Unknown results.

11 Aug. 69 1000H

Co. B 1st platoon spotted 1 VC with black pajamas. Engaged with arty with unknown results.

11 Aug. 69 1410H

Co. B found a bomb shelter with connecting trench lines. Heavely used trails with Buffalo and human tracks.

11 Aug. 69 1515H

Co. B spotted 7 NVA BS 614417. Engaged with Arty and 81mm mortar with unknown results.

11 Aug. 69 2030H

LZ San Juan Hill radar reports a company size force on NW finger of permeter.

11 Aug. 69 2040H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US overdose of drug, suspect—TEDROL.

Pfc. Marvin Walker

12 Aug. 69 0745H

Co. A reports 2 NVA KIA found on sweep outside wire.

13 Aug. 69 0540H

SJH reports receiving 8-12 mortar and RPG rounds.

13 Aug. 69 0613H

SJH received 15-20 mortar rounds.

13 Aug. 69 0615H

Co. E reports 5 US WHA by shrapnel.

James Stroud

Randy calander

Lee fronsick

James Barrett

Wilford Diez

13 Aug 69 0705H

SJH received 5 RPG followed by 14 mortar rounds.

13 Aug. 69 0710H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by mortar attack.

Anthony Jackson

Robert French

Kevin McKeen

13 Aug. 69 0925H

Late entry: Co. A request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by shrapnel.

Richard L. Schack-HHC

Sgt. Charles McDonough-Co. A

James P. Heneghan-Co. C

13 Aug. 69 Summary

Results of the days ops were 16 US WHA

14 Aug. 69 0540H

San Juan Hill received 4 mortar rounds w/neg casu.

0602H received 5 mortar rounds w/neg casu

0620H received 8 motar rounds w/neg casu

0624H received 12 rounds w/neg casu

14 Aug. 69 1435H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at CA location, BS627357. 1 US WHA by AW fire. Gun shot wound in lower right leg.

Capt. Robert J.H. Small

15 Aug. 69 0635H

San Juan Hill received 5 rounds believed to be 140mm rocket.

15 Aug. 69 1245H

HU1B lift ship from company B combat assault received AW fire at BS621343. Crew of 4 and 6 men from Co. B all KHA. Co. B persons include:

Sp4. David Lentz

Sp4. Masse Raymond

Sp4. Ronald Robenson

Pfc. Terry McDonell

Pfc. John Smith

Pfc. William Somauitte

15 Aug. 69 1425H

San Juan Hill receives 51 cal fire on CH47B while landing.

15 Aug. 69 1625H

SJH received recoilless rifle fire.

15 Aug. 69 1645H

Co. C spotted 1 NVA in foxhole near 51 cal. Position. Engaged with grenades resulting in 3 NVA KIA, 2 NVA WIA/CIA, 1 51 cal complete.

15 Aug. 69 1840H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by mortar fire

James R. Benson

15 Aug. 69 1930H

Co. C at site of downed HU1B, BS622344. Found 3 M-60 MG’s, 6 M-16’s. Totally destroyed. Company was forced off the site by small arms fire.

16 Aug. 69 0041H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 4 US WHA by grenade attack.

Sgt. William Blackburn-KHA, will evac at daylight

James P. Babcock

Bobby L. Graham

Craig A. Fox

Micheal J. Cruca

Kenneth Wilson

16 Aug. 69 0355H

Co. B receives RPG, mortar and SA fire.

16 Aug. 69 0730H

C&C picked up 4 bodies from Co. C NDP

16 Aug. 69 0930H

C&C picked up 6 bodies from site.

16 Aug. 69 1410H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 1 US gun shot in stomach.

Pfc. Robert Faureau

16 Aug. 69 1455H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS632352 for 2 US WHA by grenade.

Sp4. Martin Judd

Kit Carson scout

16 Aug. 69 1910H

Co. B received 40 rounds of mortar plus SA fire at BS644366.

16 Aug. 69 2000H

MSG Hall, S-3, Makes arrangements for an emergency resupply of ammo to Co. B. as follows: 10 cases M-60, 6 cases M-79, 5 cases Hand frags, 10-15 cases of M-16.

16 Aug. 69 2155H

Resupply chopper for Co. B taking fire. Off loaded ammo and evacuated the wounded.

Pfc. Harry Goodwin

Pfc. Scott E. Wise-DOW

17 Aug. 69 1100H

Co. B found 9 NVA KIA from last nights action

18 Aug. 69 1030H

Co. B at BS638367 found 3 NVA KIA by 4.2. 1 NVA was 6 Ft. tall and weighed 200 Lbs.

20 Aug. 69 0645H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA.

Pfc. David Anderson

Pfc. James Hamick

Pfc. David Downie

21 Aug. 69 0330H

Co. A request DUSTOFF result of mortar, RPG and S/A attack.

Pfc. Erwin Fox

Pfc. Gregory Fraley

Pvt. Steven Elting

21 Aug. 69 1025H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS637358 for 1 US GSW in chest

Pfc. James L. Gordon-DOW

21 Aug. 69 1120H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US injured by shrapnel from air strike 500m distance.

Pfc. Dennis Cunningham

21 Aug. 69

Co C request DUSTOFF at BS637357 for 3 US WHA by indirect fire of unknown caliber.

Lt. Pencencharm

Sgt. Maslowski

Pfc. Terrance Taliaferro

21 Aug. 69 1300H

Late report: Co. A reports 2 em injured but not dusted off.

Sgt. Richard F. Houston

Pfc. Gary T. Dino

22 Aug. 69 0440H

Co. a request DUSTOFF at BS652354 for 5 US WHA by RPG, SA.

Sp4. Robert Briggs

Pfc. Harvey M. Atkins

Pfc. Raymond Cole

Pfc. Ronald M. Harper

Pfc. David Franks

22 Aug. 69 0704H

Co. A on sweep finds 5 NVA KIA plus various equipment, grenades ans small arms.

23 Aug 69 1700H

Co. D OPCON 1/1 Cav

25 Aug. 69 0525H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS652409 for 1 US W/shrapnel in face.

Pfc. Bruce W. Desselle

25 Aug. 69 0600H

Co. A received 3 RPG’s, KIA 1 NVA with claymore. Indiv had on shorts and bag of grenades.

25 Aug. 69 0630H

Co. A engaged with M-79 and KIA 1 NVA. Captured 1 RPG and launcher.

25 Aug. 69 0645H

Co. A KIA 2 NVA and captured M-79, 1 RPG launcher, 2 AK-47’s.

26 Aug. 69 0945H

Co. D OPCON 1/1 Cav, reports 2 US KHA

Pfc. George E. Henery-gun shot in chest

Pfc. Donald C. Brown-gun shot in chest

Sgt. James D. Brown-WHA

27 Aug. 69 1325H

Recon platoon request DUSTOFF at BS607373 for 1 US GSW.

Pfc. William Washington

29 Aug. 69 0805H

Late entry: Co. D, OPCON 1/1 Cav request DUSTOFF for 15 US WHA result of mortar attack BS823322.

Sgt. Thomas Stedman

Sp4. Willie Morris

Sp4. Billy G. Turinski

Pfc. James Bond

Pfc. William P Lata

Pfc. Salvatore Sinischalchi

Pfc. Eddie Stevenson

Pfc. John R. Tretter

Wounded but not dusted off included:

Sp4. Jerry W. Davidson

Pfc. Gary D. Gruber

Pfc. Melvin Johnson

Sp4. Nornam Curtis

Pfc. Jerry L. Humes

29 Aug. 69 1515H

Late report: At 1220H, BS823310, Co. D received unknown number of mortar rounds resulting in 1 US KHA, 20 US WHA.

Pfc. Doyle P. Morria-KHA

The wounded in hostile action include:

Capt. Billie Baize

Sp4. Harmon L Samuel

1Lt. Thomas C. Pearson

Sp4. Robert Stevens

Sp4. Jerry W. Taylor

Pfc. Richard H. Adler

Pfc. Nell R. Bartsch

Pfc. Gery R. Birka

Pfc. John C. Cerra

Pfc. Jerry L. Humes

Pfc. Richard J. Jackson

Pfc. James J. Massi

Pfc. Larry D. Mininger

Pfc. Teddy Smith

Pfc. Willard Thompson

Pfc. John Varenhorst

Pfc. Theodore Walker

Pfc. Arn Woodcock

Sp4. Charles A. Huffman

Pfc. Charles Sener


01 Sep. 69 0225H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 5 US WHA by mortar fire.

Pfc. Bobby Edmonson-DOW

1Lt. Larry Hancock-WHA

Pfc. Willie Collins

Pfc. William White

Pfc. Andrew Foot

02 Sept. 69 1000H

Co. C OPCON 1/1 Cav.

02 Sept. 69 1315H

Co. C reports 1 US wounded by friendly fire.

Pfc. Michael Jasper

02 Sept. 69 1600H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS819311 for 5 US WHA.

Pfc. William G. Batts-KHA

Pfc. Kenneth G. Dupont

Pfc. Charles McCuty

Pfc. Antonio A. Victorin

SSG. Donald W. Delap

02 Sept. 69 1615H

Co. C OPCON 1/1 Cav report 34 NVA KIA

02 Sept. 69 1925H

Strength report: Co. A-83, Co. B-82, Co. D-74, Recon-31

03 Sept. 69 2100H

Co. C OPCON 1/1 Cav report KIA 4 NVA.

04 Sept. 69 2240H

Co. C OPCON 1/1 Cav Request DUSTOFF at BS844323 for 5 WHA result of a Grenade and M-79 attack

Sgt. Ramos Facundo

Sp4. Larry W. Hom

Pfc. Ted Schleining

Sp4. Phillip Anderson

Pfc. Francis French

06 Sept. 69 0730H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS641432 for 4 US WHA by Booby trap.

Pfc. Alvis Humphries

Pfc. Michael Lafferty

Pfc. Donnie Trussel

Sp4. Owen Bateson

06 Sept. 69 1900H

Request Herbicide mission for 07 Sept. 69.

07 Sept. 69 1030H

Co. B at BS584398 received SA and AW fire result 1 US KHA. Air strike called on target.

Sgt. Ronald Peetzke-DOW

09 Sept. 69 0900H

Herb Man: BS661307, BS720313, BS661300, BS661430.

09 Sept. 69 1155H

Co. C returned OPCON 4/3 Inf.

09 Sept. 69 2000H

Strength Report: Co. A-91, Co. B-93, Co. C-69, Co. D-74, Recon-32

10 Sept. 69 1530H

Airlift complete; Recon moved from SJH to OPCON Co. C 4/3 at Co. C NDP, BS586387.

10 Sept. 69 2035H

LRRP team Oregon inserted BS697383. LRRP team Illinois inserted BS695450.

11 Sept. 69 1040H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US shot self in foot with M-79.

Pfc. Lindley Hoopes

11 Sept. 69 1645H

Herb Man; 13 Sept. 69 0700H, Clearance granted.

12 Sept. 69 0920H

Co. C reports contact with squad size enemy unit result 1 US WHA.

Pfc. Dennis C. Hunt

13 Sept. 69 0235H

Co. C and Recon received 25-30 mortar rounds result 1 US WHA.

Bernease Tucker

13 Sept. 69 0840H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA.

Pfc. Jack C. Downard

Pfc. Gary Houghan-Co. C

13 Sept. 69 1145H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA by enemy contact.

Sp4. Charles Page

13 Sept. 69 1225H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 4 US WHA by Booby trap.

Sp4. Maurice Finlinson

Pfc. Robert P. Blouin

Pfc. Daniel J. Colonello

Sgt. Lewis E. Tower

16 Sept. 69 1130H

SJH request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by WP rifle grenade.

Sgt. Bud Baker-Co. B

Pfc. Albert Suruggs-Co. B

1Lt. Jack Vanloan-HHC

19 Sept. 69 1250H

Co. A request DUSTOFF at BS537403 for 2 US WHA w/gun shots.

Sgt. Richard Houston

Sp5. Larry Kruse

20 Sept. 69 1045H

Recon request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA.

Pfc. Albert G. wayrauch

20 Sept. 69 1600H

Late entry: Co. A reports 2 injured result of Punji stick.

Capt. James Schwebach

SFC. Joe A. Foster

21 Sept. 69 1630H

LRRP team Oregon inserted BS656300.

21 Sept. 69 2000H

Co A request DUSTOFF for 11 KHA, 11 WHA result mortar and SA attack on NDP.

21 Sept. 69 2100H

Co. A has 11 KHA and 10 WHA dusted off. 1 US WHA remained. Three mortar rounds landed directly in foxholes resulting in all 11 KHA.

SFC. Joe A. Foster-KHA

Sgt. Wilfredo Andrada-KHA

Pfc. Dennis Bartlebaugh-KHA

Pfc. Davitt Franks-KHA

Sp4. Larry Hatchcock-KHA

Pfc. Thomas Larson-KHA

Pfc. Michael Pacheco-KHA

Pvt. Gregorio Castillo-KHA

Pvt. Steven Elting-KHA

Pfc. Carl Dean-KHA from Co. B

E-5 Arthur Ariaga-WHA

Pfc. Norbert Koontz-WHA

Pfc. William Sawatzki-WHA

Pfc. Michael Shields-WHA

Sp4. Donnie Trussell-WHA

Pvt. Mickey Norwood-WHA

1Lt. Albert Nauck- WHA

Sp4. Daniel Girres-WHA

Pfc. Levi Ross-WHA

Pfc. Paul Perdue-WHA

Pfc. Arsenio Ortiz-WHA

Pfc. Harie Elkins-WHA

23 Sept. 69 0930H

Co. C move to SJH.

Co. D move to CHU LAI for stand down.

23 Sept. 69 1110H

LRRP team Oregon engaged 2 NVA result 2 NVA KIA.

23 Sept. 69 1325H

LRRP team Oregon in contact with unknown size enemy force at BS647292. 1 NVA KIA, request extraction.

26 Sept. 69 1630H

LRRP team Idaho inserted BS685287.

27 Sept. 69 1545H

LRRP team Idaho engaged 2 NVA at BS682284. Request extraction.


02 Oct. 69 1200H

AO request # 71 from 173rd Airborne for LRRP insert.

02 Oct 69 2040H

Strength report: Co. A-72, Co. B-99, Co. C-95, Co. D-95

03 Oct. 69 1045H

Co. D at BS615415 observed NVA moving into their ambush position. Result 5 NVA KIA, 2 NVA WIA/CIA, 3 pigs killed and evacuated to BA TO.

05 Oct. 69 1140H

Co. D reports 2 US missing. 1 man lost grip on rope while crossing river. Second man tried to help. Both missing.

Pfc. Michael Gallego

Pfc. Michael McDaniel

05 Oct. 69 1300H

LRRP teams Oregon and Nevada inserted BS662298.

05 Oct. 69 1605H

LRRP’s engage 5 NVA request extraction.

06 Oct. 69 1030H

Co. C request DUSTOFF on SJH for 3 US injured by exploding grenade in trash.

Sp4. Daniel B. Webster

Sp4. Erwin C. Hillegas

Pfc. Garry Hougham

07 Oct. 69 2155H

Co. D had 81mm round fall short at BS655878 result 6 US WHA

Sgt. George Bradshaw

Sp4. James Massi

Pfc. John Baker

Pfc. Ken Couture

Pfc. Erich Hagenlocher

Pfc. John Tretter

13 Oct. 69 0515H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS633445 for 6 WHA result of a SA, AW, RPG, Grenade and mortar attack.

Pfc. John Baker-KHA

Sgt. Dale Olmsted-WHA

Sgt. Alan O. Parker-WHA

Pfc. Robert Anderson-WHA

Pfc. John R. Chediste-WHA

Pfc. Eric Hagenlocher-WHA

18 Oct. 69 1030H

Warlords observed Negro body in river BS630425.

19 Oct. 69 2205H

Co. D LP had movement, sprang ambush 1 NVA KIA, 1 US WHA,

Pfc. Edward Liznak

25 Oct. 69 0720H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US with shrapnel from mad minute.

Pfc. John Brooks

26 Oct. 69 1300H

LRRP team Nevada made contact at BS662334. request extraction

26 Oct. 69 1845H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 1 US with burns from a flare.

Pfc. Jesus DeLeone

27 Oct. 69 0615H

LRRP team Oregon inserted for trail watch and snatch mission.

29 Oct. 69 1645H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS750250 for 2 US WHA during Combat assault.

Pfc. Russell T. Meyers

Pfc. Edward Lavver

29 Oct. 69 late entry

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US with head cuts.

Richard Briener


02 Nov. 69 2015H

Strength report: Co. A-84, Co. B-103, Co. C-120, Co. D-84, Recon-19

03 Nov. 69 0915H

LRRP team Nevada extracted.

04 Nov. 69 0745H

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 34 US with Dysentery. Both sample cases confirm diagnosis.

06 Nov. 69 1530H

Co. B request DUSTOFF at BS690315 for 6 US WHA by friendly short rounds.

Sp4. Gerald A. Brockwell

Sgt. Terry L. Deilo

Pfc. Scot F. Shelagowski

Pfc. Stephen Thomas

Raymond Esposito

07 Nov. 69 1715H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS694303 for 1 US injured by blowback from grenade.

Gary Rapley

09 Nov. 69 0620H

LRRP team Idaho inserted BS625390.

10 Nov. 69 1325H

LRRP team Idaho extracted.

14 Nov. 69 1545H

Co. B reports they lost a man in river.

Pfc. Victor Haglund

15 Nov. 69 1730H

LRRP team Oregon extracted due to contact.

16 Nov 69 2135H

Co. D request DUSTOFF at BS655378 for 1 US KHA, 3 US WHA result of Grenade and small arms attack.

Pfc. Raymond Talley

Pfc. Henry L. Limbach

Pfc. Joseph Allen

Dana Hall

17 Nov 69 1540H

Co. D request DUSTOFF for 1 US self inflicted GSW.

Pfc. Donnie R. Mock

18 Nov. 69 1310H

Received report from Battalion that body picked up this morning is.

Pfc. Victor Haglund

18 Nov. 69 1355H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 1 US WHA.

James R. Irby

19 Nov. 69 0203H

At BS585413 Co. C received mortar attack result in 6 US WHA.

Sgt. Ronald G. Dennis

Pfc. Steven Frieble

Pfc. Romerelo Guerra

Pfc. Richard Nelson

Pfc. Ronal;d M. Owen

James J. Smith

20 Nov. 69 1030H

LRRP team Oregon engaged 18 NVA result 4 NVA KIA, 1 US KHA, request extraction.

22 Nov. 69 0630H

Co. A reports 26 persons ill. Co. B rep[orts 36 people with same illness. Test cases at 23rd Med.

Lynn A. Farrell

Joseph Tilch

24 nov. 69 1725H

LRRP team Idaho extracted due to 1 man extremely ill

24 Nov. 69 2030H

Co. C reports 1 US wounded by friendly M-79.

Pfc. Jammie M. Traver

25 Nov. 69 1245H

Co. D at BS634403 engaged and KIA 12 Water Buffalo.

25 Nov. 69 1352H

Co. D engaged and KIA 8 Water Buffalo.


04 Dec. 69 0010H

Arty EM injured self with M-79 round

04 Dec. 69 1710H

Late entry: LRRP team Oregon reports 100-150 NVA at BS655463.

05 Dec. 69 1650H

LRRP team Idaho extracted.

06 Dec. 69 0545H

Beacon on station. Drop 28-500 Lb. Bomb at BS607358.

06 Dec. 69 0700H

Insert LRRP team Idaho at BS714327.

07 Dec. 69 0641H

Maj. McGee, Battalion S/3, informed Co. D commanding officer about a friendly ville east of current location with 21 people. Co. D warned against maltreatment of VN Civilians.

07 Dec. 69 1450H

Beacon Drop 22-500Lb. bombs at BS651469.

08 Dec. 69 0845H

Beacon drop 22-500Lb. bombs at BS595421

08 Dec. 69 1910H

Strength report: Co. A-87, Co. B-99, Co. C-102, Co. D-90.

09 Dec. 69 0315H

Co. B at BS642368 had trip flare go off. Engaged with Grenade, M-79, SA and 81mm fire. Will recon area in daylight.

09 Dec. 69 0640H

Beacon drop; 28-500 Lb. bombs at BS664394

09 Dec. 69 1840H

Beacon drop: BS599431, 14-500 Lb. bombs dropped. 14-500 Lb. bombs not dropped because of computer failure.

10 Dec. 69 Summary

4/3 continues search and sweep operations in the San Juan AO.

Co. A secures SJH

Companies B,C,D and recon conduct sweep and search ops.

11 Dec. 69 0655H

Beacon drop: BS577410. 28-500 Lb. bombs.

12 Dec. 69 0450H

Beacon drop at BS598428. 22-500 Lb. bombs

12 Dec. 69 0920H

Cpt. Phillips from Battalion has air craft in route to San Juan Hill to defoliate area. The defoliant is not a danger to humans or animals.

12 Dec. 69 1025H

Defoliant helicopter completed spraying San Juan Hill area.

16 Dec.69 1630H

Report to Battalion; All Bunkers on SJH have plum bobs.

17 Dec. 69 1347H

Co. C request DUSTOFF at BS686421 for 1 US WHA gun shot.

John H. Bonczek

17 Dec. 69 Late entry

Co. C request DUSTOFF for 4 US with immersion foot, 2 US with infections.

Raymond Hait

Avemaria Jacob

Martin James

Mathews Edger


James Jackson

18 Dec. 69 0840H

Co. B request DUSTOFF for 3 US.

Pfc. David Crabtree---feet

Pfc. Thomas Hobbs----Feet

Sp4. Perry Perciful

20 Dec. 69 0905H

Co. C reports M-79 round stuck half way down barrel. Told to destroy in place.

20 Dec. 69 0930H

LRRP team Oregon inserted.

20 Dec. 69 1030H

LRRP team Oregon extracted due to Heavy contact.

23 Dec. 69 1015H

LRR team Nevada inserted BS735247.

24 Dec. 69 0845H

Co. A request DUSTOFF for 3 US WHA by SA fire.

Pfc. Clyde Collins

Sgt. Ronald G. Dennis

Pfc. Peter Dempsey