We were soldiers once, and young. We were that which others did not want to be. We went where others feared to go, and did what others feared to do. We asked nothing from those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness ............ should we fail. We have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and enjoyed the sweet taste of moments of love. We have cried, pained and hoped.... but most of all, we have lived times others would say are best forgotten. At least we are able to say we are PROUD to be what we are........  American Veterans serving our brothers and sisters until our final breath.

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"Our brothers died so WE might live in peace and freedom, may WE be worthy of their sacrifice"!


     February 24, 2017


            At the Denver, Colorado, Charlie 4-3-11 Reunion the 1967-68 members and guests voted to discontinue having reunions separate from the Americal Division Reunions, starting in August of 2017, our 50th year anniversary.   The Americal Reunion is being held in St. Paul, Minnesota. More information is on the Americal Division website, including tours, etc.  If you choose to come only for the fellowship you still need to register and make your hotel arrangements.  We will have a special room to meet in.  Since no one in our group is in charge of making local arrangements, you may select which tours you wish to go on.  However, I encourage you to attend Ft. Siss for the Americal Memorial Dedication and Memorial service for those in our division who have died in the past twelve months.

            The hotel is one mile from the Mall of America.  A shuttle bus will leave the hotel every hour between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at no charge.  Restaurants are three miles away from the hotel.  There will be a breakfast bar at the hotel, $15-$17 depending on the day of the week.

            If you are not already an Americal member you may receive a complimentary Americal magazine.  The magazine comes twice a year if you are a member.  Lifetime membership is $100.00. Annual membership is $15.00.  About twenty-three men from 4-3-11 are lifetime members.  Hopefully more will join so we will become aware of special events and have a better understanding of the Vietnam War.

            When we meet in August in St. Paul, we may decide if we want to meet every year with the Americal or every two to three years.  Some may want to come every year, but on specific years our whole group may want to attend.

            Please let us keep in touch with one another.  I hope to see you in St. Paul.  I’ll try to keep up with our mailing list, but I will no longer be mailing or promoting our gatherings.  All communications will come from the Americal Division Magazine and newsletters.  Since I am on the Executive Board I’ll try to let everyone know what is going on through email.  Again, I hope to see everyone August 23-27, 2017, in St. Paul. If you receive this letter by US Postal Service, please send me an e-mail address or check our website charliecompany4-3.org/home.html. 

Americal Division Website http://americal.org/cmsaml/index.php/reunions.html

Charlie 4-3-11 Website http://www.charliecompany4-3.org/home.html

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